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possibility to remove eyes
A good new feature would be the possibility to remove one or both of the eyes. When hair cover part of the face is Always a problem to hide the eyes hidden below
This definitely a needed feature.

I have a model wearing an Eye Patch and I get a "ghost" of an eye no matter how many controls set to -0-.

Hair covering part or all of an eye and eyebrow would need a way to limit the "eye function"

A hat covering part of the Eye or Eyebrow would need the ability to turn of the Whole Left or Right Eye or just the Eyebrow.

A Model wearing sunglasses doesn't need the "Eyes" turn on

What is needed is a "Selection Tool" like the Eye and Mouth Selection outlines that will allow any part of the face be turned off
Yes, definitely need these features

because taking the series and received a cool shot (side with one eye, or just have a profile picture), just can not handle them in the program, because to give the client some of the images of one sample processing, and some of the other sample processing - not good.
Lack of this feature prevents me from using PP on a consistent basis. Also forces static poses to full frontal/ face/head and shoulders on all clients.
Yes,! I need it too! If hair covering part or all of an eye i get an ghost eye and the result is terrible.
The need for this feature made me search out this forum looking for answers...
not only turn off but for eyes being able to select one eye make corrections then select the other eye and make corrections. this should also apply to widening the eyes. I often need to do different corrections to each eye.
Hello all,

Our developers have been notified of this feature suggestion.

For now you can use the option for the left and right eye by expanding the sliders under 'Eye Controls'. Pull the left or right eye slider so it reaches 0.

If there is still an artificial eye I would suggest clicking 'Reset to original image' to remove all the effects, this will allow you to edit each feature manually.

Please ensure that all the hair is highlighted, you can do this by going to 'Hair Controls' then click ' View/Edit Hair Area' use the extend brush to highlight the rest of the hair.

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