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Catch lights
Under Eye Control/Add reflection it would be a good feature to have an opacity slider for this effect. Many of the choices are too bright.
Hi Scott,

I fully agree and have raised the same request some time ago.

When I created the new catchlights that have been included in the lastest release I have added two versions for each set of catchlights: A "normal" and a "weak" (less bright) version, so there is at least some flexibility.

But I agree an opacity slider would make things much easier here.

Along the same line it would be nice to be able to not only move the catchlights (which you can) but also scale them. That would allow to just have one set of hires catchlights that then could be adjusted by opacity and size.

I hope that will be added in an future update - as it should be fairly easy to implement. Just I have a feeling that currently the update speed has gone down ... there has been no update in a loooong time now.

I hope updates resume soon ...

Regards - MacSass
I have found some of the "weak" choices to still be a little strong and for now will have to "burn" them in PS. I really like the scaling along with the opacity. Great idea!

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