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Avoid Apple's Maverick upgrade for the time being
Found the following on Adobe Photoshop Group in Google Plus.

Avoid Apple's Maverick upgrade for the time being.

John Blagden
Highly experienced Apple Macintosh consultant, dealing with some of London's leading design companies.
I'm getting a lot of information from various sources including Apple Support http://tinyurl.com/qco7ghu that Mavericks is causing various problems, some serious, some irritating.

Several people have reported external drives being wiped. Main ones are Western Digital and GTECH (who are WD IIRC).

Some HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Lexmark and Konica printers look as though they need (as yet unavailable) new drivers to work with 10.9. The worst of these is HP due to the number of printers involved and especially silly as they updated their drivers on the Apple Download site only ten days ago. All-in-one printer/scanner/copier devices are worst hit.

Various problems connecting with WiFi after installation. I can confirm this on two laptops I upgraded to test the install.

Some rare reports of 3rd party software like Excel and Adobe not opening after installation of 10.9.

I've told all my clients not to install for the time being
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