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gift for my hus
vinnihi guys..b-day of my hus is coming 10th of the next month///so that i wana to give him somthing which is different from common gifts and special too cz its his first b-day since we married..everyone is giving perfums..shirts,suits etc..its very common...yesterday a idea strucked in my mind that i must give him a portrait in which he along with me..i wana that it must be surprize for him..so i have the only way giving picture to any one and he make a portrait from it for me...i search a lot and found this site pictures on canvas.but i need some more
stuff..cz i don`t wana to take risk..and wana to be completely satisfied..hope you people help me
You can turn this

[Image: 20080321_8.jpg]

Into this

[Image: 20080321_82.jpg]

Plus many more artistic filters

Using software called Virtual Painter 5
Available at

Can i now there is some software through that i can get my own
Pop art. I am searching this software from last many times but didn't come up with results.

Thanks in advance.

You can download a trial version of PopArt Studio v3.0 here

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