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Wee difficulty ...
Love the program (have V6.0.3) - true magic! And only having one wee problem that I suspect may be 'self induced' - gentle smile.

Have noticed on several photos that while the face is done perfectly, there is this odd 'grey line' at the base of the throat area where the neck meets the chest on the finished result. Have been simply using another photo editing program to 'clone' the area away - but do wonder if anyone has any tips to help me avoid this wee hiccup?

Thanks so much!
Hi Mara,

I'm afraid to say your wee hiccup is really our fault. When Portrait Professional applies it's skin smoothing algorithms, it constrains them to an area called the skin selection. It has to figure out where the skin selection extends to itself. In order that it doesn't make it go too far down (and start smoothing clothes), there is a limit where it stops, which can be seen as a line if there is skin visible there. To extend the line downwards, just choose one of the options in the reset skin selection menu.

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for letting me know - truly do appreciate it!

And most of all, thanks for creating such an incredible program. I restore photos for elderly people, many of whom want so desperately to leave good images of 'who' they were behind for their families when they die. And most of these photos have enormous damage caused by simply age or being placed in those once popular 'sticky page' photo albums, etc.

My final step now is to use your terrific PP ... the program doesn't truly change the appearance of the person, rather just adds that subtle bit of 'magic' - only wish you could see these dear elderly people's smiles so you'd know my thank you for creating this program is so very sincere.

Kind thoughts,

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