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Batch mode and the like - LHP - 03-31-2011

I would like to know if there is a way to open a photo and for it to auto-detect the face and apply a preset of sliders?

Let say that I have taken a batch of 20-30 photos, same model, same light, similar pose. It would be great to batch all of those photos with a preset and for the software to not ask me every time where is the left eye corner, the right eye corner, and so on.

If the software can do it, it is not obvious to me.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


p.s. I am using PPStudio v10.1 on a Mac.

RE: Batch mode and the like - admin - 04-01-2011

We currently don't offer such a feature. The problem is that we haven't managed to find a piece of software that can find the positions of features on the face reliably enough to use with our software, although this kind of technology is advancing all the time so might be available in the future.


RE: Batch mode and the like - veronicavice - 08-15-2011

cant wait. that would be awesome

RE: Batch mode and the like - movieviet - 11-24-2012

Interesting. I hope it will come true.

RE: Batch mode and the like - williamting - 11-25-2012

Download V11 and try it out. I am quite impressed with this version which handles auto face detection and batch processing. However, I can see many major improvements and therefore some bugs may appear here and there. So far, I find this version ok.