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Restore Computer Affects PP - Roy1943 - 03-26-2011

Just some information I thought I would share.

I recently bought a new computer and PP was kind enough to allow me to transfer my Portrait Professional to it. Well, yesterday when I started up my computer I received a message that "NTLDR is missing" and Windows would not start. I tried a repair with my Windows CD, etc. but in the end I restored my computer with an image I had made with Macrium Reflect.

Everything went well but when I tried to open PP it said I needed to enter my Product Key. I tried using my old Key but received the message that that Key had been used and I could not activate PP.

To make a long story short, I opened a support ticket with PP asking for help yesterday afternoon and this morning I had the solution in my InBox. To me that is outstanding customer service!!

Just remember, If you do a restore you may have to reactivate your PP.