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A few usability ideas. - Bas - 01-29-2011


If there are features in the system already, forgive me, I have not had long to find out all the nuts and bolts.

Here are some things I think would be useful:

A key modifier (control is common) to set a fader to it's default value, i.e. control-click on the slider would set it back to the default. Even double-click on the slider could do the same job.

Edited the second request- the feature is already there.

RE: A few usability ideas. - admin - 01-30-2011

Good idea, I've added it to our database of suggestions.

RE: A few usability ideas. - Bas - 02-08-2011

In the initial 'locate features' step, could the program allow zooming.

With full body shots it can be difficult to find the corner of an eye without zooming in.

Many thanks.