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Formating PC & re-installing PP - may70z - 03-01-2007

Do I need to get a new Token if I had to format my PC and re-install all software programs including Portrait Pro?

Is the Token connected with the machine hardware specs or the OS settings?


RE: Formating PC & re-installing PP - admin - 03-01-2007

Hi there,

You will need a new token if you reformat your PC. Please send us an email to support@anthropics.com and we'll help you get the full version installed again. It would help if you could send us your email confirmation that you received when you paid for the software, and tell us the email address you used at the time. We're working on adding a page to our website so you can do this by yourself.


RE: Formating PC & re-installing PP - admin - 04-20-2007

You can now transfer licenses to different computers without needing to email us. Simply use the following link: