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Freckles - Ckypros - 12-20-2010

I used a image from a stock photography to try out this software since I just downloaded it.  All enhancements were made using Portrait Professional and Adobe Photoshop CS5.  A slight note, the intention of this was not to produce something natural, but rather something more exotic.  

RE: Freckles - kdastonjr - 12-20-2010

Ckypros, your image looks great!

RE: Freckles - LordFalco1ca - 12-21-2010

Very nice, however with the after photo eyes, it looks alittle toooo glossy, almost billboard like. Know wha' I mean? Still very Beauty though.

RE: Freckles - trucks79 - 01-16-2011

amazing result

RE: Freckles - darrah - 03-29-2011

A little cooked, but nice result.

RE: Freckles - Bruce A - 03-29-2011

If you were after a surreal result then you have done well.