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Upgrade to 64 Bit version - Skids - 09-13-2010

I have Windows 7 64Bit and looked into the option of upgrading to PP 64 from PP Studio but for what advantages it offers compared to the cost to upgrade I personally think it is too expensive.

Other software applications offer both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions as standard for the same cost.

I would be happy to pay a small fee but £44 to upgrade and also the price comparison is not giving loyal customers and discounts compared to if somebody bought it as a full package rather than an upgrade.

What are other peoples thoughts on this?

RE: Upgrade to 64 Bit version - admin - 09-14-2010

You might be interested in this other thread about the 64 bit version: discussion of Portrait Professional Studio 64.

RE: Upgrade to 64 Bit version - RichardJames - 10-01-2010

Nice Post............!