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PP Version 9.8 ? - rlpatton - 07-29-2010

I have just upgraded to the latest version 9.8 (I was on 9.7). I can not find any information on the changes presented in 9.8. Is that information available?

RE: PP Version 9.8 ? - Roscoe - 07-30-2010

I've spent the best part of 2 hours looking for anything new in 9.8 and can't find anything. I have 9.7 installed on a laptop and comparing each version side by side I can't see that anything's changed. It may just be a maintenance update with "under the hood" stuff being fixed. Try a support request to ask what's changed. This forum's not monitored 24/7 so submitting a ticket will get an early response.

RE: PP Version 9.8 ? - rlpatton - 07-30-2010

Thanks for the effort. Appreciate it. I will wait and see if someone from PP responds. I'm hoping for improvements with the raw processing.

RE: PP Version 9.8 ? - admin - 07-30-2010

Nothing particularly exciting I'm afraid unless you're on a Mac. It's mostly updating the other European languages

- Reduced flickering in whites of eyes when using fill shadows slider
- All supported European languages added
- User interface to photoshop plug-in improved
- Aperture plug-in added for the Mac


RE: PP Version 9.8 ? - Roscoe - 07-31-2010

Maybe for future releases a "what's new" item could be included.