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Can't Activate Studio 64 - sydman - 05-13-2019

I began using PP Studio 64 many years ago and got the activation code for it. It worked.
I upgraded to PP Studio Max 15. Got the activation code. It worked.

I had both versions working well on my MacBook Pro. I used both because having become very familiar with 64 I found a few things I wasn't sure about in PPSMax 15 and wanted time to evaluate it.

I have since moved to an iMac and migrated all my files across. Neither worked afterwards without an activation code.
I found the activation code for Studio Max and it accepted it. It worked.
I found the activation code for Studio 64 (it turns out they were the same) and it was rejected.

I accept that perhaps I don't need both on my system, however, I have two questions.

1. Can I still activate my older Studio 64, and if so how?
2. If I have to delete Studio 64 what is the most efficient and clean way of doing this?

I ask the latter because often just dragging a file to the trash leaves a multitude of support files clogging up the hard drive.