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PortraitPro Plugin operation - Elegant Angels Photography - 08-22-2018

I have had PortraitPro Body for a while now and I do love it.  My question however is about the PortraitPro Body Lite operation.  If you open Body software you have a option for Lite where you can simply mask and edit the skin area.  I can't seem to find this option when I am editing a photo in Photoshop, and select the PPBody plugin.  This is a VERY big issue for me as I do my editing in photoshop and my PPBody editing is not done on the entire photo file, but in a layer.  I want to be able to have the option to change an edit if I want to, and from the PPBody software directly,  you don't have an option to do this.  You have to do destructive editing (meaning you can't go back and undo an edit after it has been saved)  PLEASE tell me that I can use the Lite option for just skin smoothing from the plugin in Photoshop.  Otherwise I really have no need for the software at all.

RE: PortraitPro Plugin operation - Elegant Angels Photography - 08-24-2018

22 have seen it, no reply from admin? lol

RE: PortraitPro Plugin operation - tebogan - 08-28-2018

open a support ticket at: