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Open closed eyes. - kifft - 06-07-2018

Hi everyone, I'm new here.. I purchased my Portrait Pro 2018 online. I have an earlier version but can't find it. I like the  "Open Closed Eyes" feature.
I have been looking for an app that has that feature.. In Oct. 2015 I got shingles on the right side of my face and up to my scalp.  It attached to my brain, ran down my forehead and behind my right eye. It damaged the nerves in my eye and left me blind in that eye. My eye is sewn half shut.
I am experimenting with the feature. I was able to do one photo of me with my eye closed and got another older photo of me with my eye open and my computer cloned my eyes. I say here and cried b/c it has been what seems like forever. Now I have forgotten what I did and forgot to save the photo. The circles are confusing me. There are 2 circles and I don't know how to adjust them. The outer circle is supposed to surround my face but what is the smaller inner circle for. Thanks Kifft