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Aperture plugin - AlphaDoug - 02-27-2010

I would like to be able to send an image to PP Studio for processing and save the result back in Aperture. The SDK for Aperture allows this functionality and already has many plugins.

RE: Aperture plugin - Gary - 03-01-2010

thanks for the suggestion, it has been passed on to the developers.


RE: Aperture plugin - jesalbond - 03-10-2010

I think it is an amazing piece of technology. I bought it and like it a great deal. For example, I was able to reduce the brightness of the sky behind my child's head. The sky behind the strands of her hair were dimmed as well. Try that with just Photoshop

RE: Aperture plugin - Gary - 03-10-2010

We now have instructions on how to use Portrait Professional Studio as an external editor for Aperture

RE: Aperture plugin - abtrapp - 04-08-2010

Anything new to the Aperture plugin? Would buy the PP studio immediately, but I don't like the "my only external editor is PP studio" solution, you can't use PP studio for all images as Photoshop replacement...

RE: Aperture plugin - Gary - 04-08-2010

The Aperture plugin is going through testing now, and if all is well it will appear in the next update to Portrait Professional Studio.


RE: Aperture plugin - abtrapp - 04-08-2010


Will this be a free upgrade to the current version? Than I could buy it immediately Wink

Thank you very much for the fast answer,


RE: Aperture plugin - Gary - 04-12-2010


yes it will be a free upgrade to anyone with a v9 license.


RE: Aperture plugin - abtrapp - 04-12-2010

Gary Wrote:yes it will be a free upgrade to anyone with a v9 license.

Big Grin

RE: Aperture plugin - stooge_uk - 08-04-2010

Any update as to what is happening withe the Aperture Plugin?
Would make my life much easier...