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V17 rock! - williamting - 11-15-2017

This is my first impression on V17 after trying it for a few minutes.

I think shine adjustment has a big improvement. 

Overall, skin smoothing is better than the previous version; I like the much improved lipstick with the added realistic shine!

Changing background is an interesting addition. I will look at it more in future. The biggest challenge in background removal is the retention of loose hair especially those at the top of the head. The other issue is colour decontamination. It seems that this is being switched on all the time. I have yet to find out whether there is a possibility to switch off colour decontamination. 

Having said all these, I will upgrade my current V15.

RE: V17 rock! - Tom G - 03-21-2018

once your images become over saturated with red then it wont rock so much LOL

RE: V17 rock! - zoziano - 10-12-2018

Those new hoppers are cool!