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Support - alanj49 - 05-25-2017

Is anyone else suffering from the lack of support from Anthropics. To be precise. I have had a ticket in to Anthropics since the 19th May, this week I have updated it four (4) times and nil response. The last time they updated it was the 19th. I have not had access to my app since then, and as I say they are not updating the ticket at all. I left a voicemail yesterday, nil response.

RE: Support - Wick - 05-25-2017

They are very slow to respond. Especially when they're not sure what's wrong.

RE: Support - alanj49 - 05-25-2017

I will tell you what the problem is...I 'upgraded' to the next version up of an application and it was very dissimilar to the trial version that I downloaded. I could not get an answer at all why the difference between the trial and full version, so I asked for a refund, which I got. I removed the version 2 software as requested and was ASSURED that the token would work with the version 1 software. But, it did not, I get version mismatches with the token and have not had access to the application for a week now.

RE: Support - Jmarino - 05-30-2017

I am in awe that I spent nearly $200 on software that locks itself constantly and a company refuses to answer support tickets or their phone.

RE: Support - Wick - 05-30-2017

Possibly they are a failing company. I hope not, but silence is often indicative of a company no longer planning to stay in business.

RE: Support - alanj49 - 05-30-2017

I was always trained with the fact that 'Customer Service is an investment in the future', like any investment you can only get out what you put in.

RE: Support - ErikaAnthropics - 06-12-2017

Can you send us your Support Ticket ID so we can follow this up for you?

RE: Support - alanj49 - 06-12-2017

There are 2 support tickets, 277485 which refers to ticket 277675. I have been awaiting a response to ticket 277675 since 30th May, and it isn't a difficult question by any means

RE: Support - ErikaAnthropics - 06-14-2017

Thanks for providing details. You should have received a reply to your tickets already.

RE: Support - fadhel - 06-23-2017

dear i buy the soft wear and I didn't get it how I there is no download on your website accept trial can you help me on this