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Easier outline movement - tezbo - 12-20-2016

Very simple -when the eyebrow outline is the correct shape, but in the wrong location, I'd like to move it without moving each individual control.  That is, I'd like to be able to click within the bounding box and move the whole outline to where I want it.

Same for mouth, eyes, etc...

Also, make it so you can submit a feature request without forum registration.  Maybe use a strong captcha or something.  It is a lot of rigmarole just to submit an idea that will help you guys make more money.

Also, also, if someone comes up with an awesome feature request, give them a free upgrade to next edition.  Once they advertise it you'll a) get more users, and b) get more quality feature requests.

RE: Easier outline movement - Wick - 12-20-2016

Good suggestion