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Lipstick Color - Wick - 01-20-2016

I am starting to use the lipstick feature, but I don't like the color picker limitation. I would like to be able to pick up a color from the existing lip color, or clothing color. Using  your standard color picker i don't see a way to do this. PhotoShop lets you press the Ctrl key and then move the cursor onto a color in the picture. Something like that would be good.

RE: Lipstick Color - williamting - 02-17-2016

Wick, I like this idea! In fact I was about to ask the same thing.

RE: Lipstick Color - Wick - 02-17-2016

I just discovered to my embarrassment that this feature apparently already exists. In the color picker there is a button called get screen color. Has it been there all the time?

RE: Lipstick Color - MacSass - 03-19-2016

Hey Wick,

good find - I missed that as well as it is hidden within the sub-dialogue ... thanks for pointing that out.

No clue if this is new - as unfortunately we do not get release notes for the updates (hint, hint PP team!).

Regards - MacSass