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'enhancing another face' feature - fiona-w - 11-21-2009

I'd like to request a simplified option for accessing this, please!

At present, you access it via the 'next' or 'file' drop down lists and have to 'ok' an information tab each time. It would be great if this could be included on the screen (maybe a box next to the 'touch up' or 'restore' features?) or if a shortcut could be provided for it. Also, if the 'ok' question can be taken as read after the first time (a 'do not display again' box, maybe?). This would be especially useful if you've set up and are accessing photos via the 'batch' option. Thanks very much,



RE: 'enhancing another face' feature - admin - 11-22-2009

Good point, I've added that to our requests database.

RE: 'enhancing another face' feature - fiona-w - 11-23-2009

Thanks very much Smile.