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Image rendering in Portrait Pro - Orange Elephant - 08-07-2015

I bought & installed Portrait Pro Studio 64bit last night. I use Lightroom CC 2015 & Photoshop CC 2015.

I managed to get the edit-in working in Lightroom but when I transferred the image from Lightroom, the image within Portrait Pro appeared very grainy. Is there a way to tweak this? (Rendering of the result once back in Lightroom is fine.

I use a Nikon D810 (which I think is only just supported in the latest PortraitPro?) Import into Lightroom used Adobe Standard profile. All shots in RAW format.

RE: Image rendering in Portrait Pro - AngAT - 08-11-2015

Because the image is so large, when it is displayed in Portrait Professional, it needs to be re-sized and re-sampled to fit the screen. The graininess and artifacts are just a result of that and it only affects the display image.

Also, while in Portrait Professional you can try zooming in on the image and comparing it to the original in a different image viewer to see if there is any difference. The actual image quality and size are not affected, therefore, after you finish processing in Portrait Professional and return to Lightroom you'll see that the image quality is the same as it was before.

RE: Image rendering in Portrait Pro - Orange Elephant - 08-13-2015

Thank you. That's does seem to be the case. It had be worried for a while!

RE: Image rendering in Portrait Pro - tebogan - 08-13-2015

Thanks for letting others using the forum know of your findings. Smile