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Best Way To Turn Dark Hair Gray?? - RichFarina - 05-06-2015

Hello everyone! I am new using Portrait Pro and wish to do something that is usually not common: I want to change the hair color from brown to gray. I know that usually it is common to do the opposite to make a person look younger, but I have a picture of a person who had a portrait taken when he had dark hair and he is not gray so he wants me to make his hair gray in the photo.

Please tell me the best way to accomplish this.

Thank you in advance for your help.


RE: Best Way To Turn Dark Hair Gray?? - keithblan - 05-24-2015

Hi Rich
Not sure that this is possible in PP, at least not in a realistic fashion.
Are you a Photoshop user? If so look on YouTube for 'change hair color' and you will find a number of tutorial videos on the subject.


RE: Best Way To Turn Dark Hair Gray?? - zoziano - 10-12-2018

Coming from a professional cosmetologist, I suggest professional conditioning treatments. I can tell you from experience that while those conditioning products may work wonders, something professional like Moroccan oil or Joico will be Godly and so much better for your hair and will actually help your hair and not just give it the "look" of healthy hair.(: