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Lighting question - colorsandlights - 01-29-2015

I have a basic two light setup - umbrellas or soft boxes on each light stand powered by an SB-910. I am using this indoors. I have a Sekonic L478D. I'm trying to do some portrait work and start by measuring the light using the flash detection mode (cordless) of the light meter. My problem is however powerful or close the flash is (on either umbrella or soft box), the light meter always shows underexposed ("Under" on the LCD). The exposure itself is correct when viewed on the camera LCD and histogram is also correct. What could be wrong here? Firing the flash directly on the light meter seems to give a correct aperture reading. However this is not what I want. I mainly want to measure flash as it falls on the subject so I don't have to take shots on trial and error. Can someone kindly help please as I am preparing for an assignment this weekend?

RE: Lighting question - meseek - 01-29-2015

Thank you for the information.

RE: Lighting question - Patels77 - 02-26-2015

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