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Gif + Preset window + ID's - Pieter - 01-11-2015

Sir / Ma'am
I have three suggestions
What is the possebility that the "batch" feature could incorporate a .gif
I am doing an animation Video and the V12Max is ideal
to save 800 layers is a bit much
Surely there is a way to bypass this with the MaxV12
or am I missing something
Thank you for the "preset Window"
but the "saved items" is way to large
Surely it can be "buttoned" meaning
Currently we can see only 4 saved presets
If the powers that be "button" it - then there can be
about 8 across and and 12 vertical
If I "hover" my browser on the button the
wording can appear as a small pop-up
The V12 is ideal for ID's
Surely there can be a face recognition to crop
the "head and shoulders" to the liking of
dubai, USA, Drivers Licence (whom all differ)
This last request is somewhat of a BIG ONE
but I am throwing it out there

Please spend some of your valuable time to let me know
This feature would be a real life saver