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eyeglass glare correction - pbjphoto - 06-10-2014

I would love to see a feature that would correct for eyeglasses glare! I do portraits for many older men and women and they all wear glasses, it's tedious to do all of them in photoshop.

RE: eyeglass glare correction - srbh - 08-22-2014

Second that!

RE: eyeglass glare correction - HRS2403 - 01-28-2015

Agreed. This is perhaps the most time-consuming portrait retouching job.

One big problem though relates to pure-white, or near pure-white, reflections, i.e. those with 255, 255, 255 RGB values. In those situations, only a manual recreation of the eye can be done since there's nothing "under" the glare to recover.

RE: eyeglass glare correction - srbh - 01-28-2015

It would be a paradigm jump to deal with more than one photo at a time, but maybe a method could be devised for using the visible eye from one take to be used to replace the one obscured by glare. We're often doing that by hand now, so perhaps it could be "automated"?

RE: eyeglass glare correction - srbh - 06-12-2015

Definitely second this, too! With respect for the other comment about white flares not having any infomation to work with, I would hope dealing with the typical green reflective flares might be doable. The green color seems fairly consistent, so hopefully recognizable in the eye area that is already recognized.

RE: eyeglass glare correction - szinski - 11-11-2015

Add me to the list, anything to help neutralize eyeglass glare/reflections would be very helpful!

RE: eyeglass glare correction - Benedictine - 10-09-2017

Add me to the list for this; being of a "certain age" most of my friends and quite a few of the subjects that I photograph wear spectacles so this would be a great facility.