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German Version of PP 12 - Antaeus - 03-23-2014


on various German sites on the internet can I find the message: "The image editing software Portrait Professional is now available in version 12."

But on the German homepage of Portrait Professional only version 11 is available.

When will the version 12 be released in German?

Thank you for your help.

RE: German Version of PP 12 - AngAT - 03-26-2014

Hi Antaeus,

We currently do not have a definite release date for Portrait Pro version 12 translated in German or other languages. As soon as Version 12 is available in other languages we will send out emails and put up announcements on our website to let our customers know about it. If you wish to be updated about Portrait Professional news and updates you can register on this link: http://www.portraitprofessional.com/download/