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Second attempt! - Northwest Memories - 06-30-2013


This is my second attempt using PP. Amanda is a traveling Model and was quite pleasant to work with. I was going for a sort of "fond remembrance" look here hoping to evoke the same kind of feelings you might have when you think of an old acquaintance or loved one.

I love Amanda's pearl necklace and short blonde hair and I added an orange background to highlight her colors. The white, cloudy border (using Smart Photo Editor) added to the mood and expression.

RE: Second attempt! - bears102466 - 09-12-2013

It's nice but the focus is kinda soft. At least the eyes should be in good focus.

RE: Second attempt! - garratt15a - 12-07-2013

I like your model. Love her short hair and nice make up. The pic is good, but agree that it could be a bit sharper.....