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First attempt! - Northwest Memories - 06-27-2013


I'm an amateur Photographer who used PP and SmartPhotoEditor to create this image. I know its not up to everyone's level here so please go easy on me. Smile I just wanted to share this fun photo of Shea with everyone! Thank you. [attachment=613]

RE: First attempt! - williamting - 06-30-2013


I felt like looking at a painting. Perhaps the smoothing is a bit too much. Is the background superimposed?

RE: First attempt! - Northwest Memories - 06-30-2013

Good morning! Well I guess I should've explained that I WAS going for a painting/cartoony look here so everything is a bit exaggerated on the model. I gave her red hair even more color, changed the color of her eyes to a bright green and smoothed her skin a bit more than normal of course.

When we shot this series several months ago, Shea was very good with all of the props that I gave to her and she interacted with them better than most Models. You could almost say that Shea was "animated" herself with her great poses and wonderful expressions. Smile

RE: First attempt! - williamting - 07-01-2013

You have surely achieved your intended objective! Nice work! The cutout (I mean the edge) is a little too obvious, unless of course you intended it to be like that!

RE: First attempt! - Northwest Memories - 07-01-2013

Thank you very much! Nope, the rough edge was just a case of the first attempt jitters. Smile
I've actually cleaned it up a bit since then. Thank you again!!!!

RE: First attempt! - williamting - 07-02-2013

Not sure how you cut the picture out but I normally use Quick Selection Tool (W) and then Refine Edge in photoshop.

RE: First attempt! - Northwest Memories - 07-02-2013

Hmm...I will give that a try. I most likely used the long way to get that image in the background using SmartPhotoEditor: I had my Model (and Eeyore) as my main image and then used Composite for the background. I then tediously "traced" around and filled in via the "little bucket". I would often zoom in on her so I could get as tight as possible and remove any thick lines on her as I could. I don't have Photoshop but have found SPE to be quite useful and fun.

Thank you so much!

RE: First attempt! - williamting - 07-03-2013

Wish you luck... as long as we continue to share and learn, we will do better.

BTW, if the background is not too complex or colourful, photoshop should be able to do a good removal in less than 5 minutes (I mean for experienced user).

RE: First attempt! - photosontop - 09-01-2013

The colors are vivid for sure. Her skin looks a little too much of PP. Maybe reduce the opacity by 20%. Otherwise job well done.