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V11 Before and After Images - jonathang - 05-13-2013

First impressions of V11 over V10.

The biggest stand-out new feature I see is that when I display the before/after images (before on the left, after on the right) I can now change the location of the features (eyes,eyebrows, nose, edge of face...) in the left-hand panel and immediately assess its impact on the resculpted face in the right-hand panel. This saves having to space back several screens to make changes and then come forward again to assess the impact. Really useful.

Small moan (my bad, I know that this is a plaudits forum) is that the documentation and some of the video demos I've seen appear mix User Interfaces from both old and new versions.

(Caveat: I have been running V10 on XP but run V11 on Windows 7. Could it be that the same version of PP can look different on each platform?)