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select gender/child with spacebar&keys - solsang - 02-28-2013

Every time i start pp i need to click the face for selecting gender and/or child...

Please make it default adult woman and let me use arrow keys or tab to change
Then pressing space or return should select and go to the outline confirmation

To make it even easier just skip that step and assume it is a woman, then put the four choices in the outline confirmation window, so i can change selection and see whether it fits, only having one thing to prepare before editingSmile

RE: select gender/child with spacebar&keys - Arjun - 02-28-2013

Hi solsang,

Whilst not exactly as your request, there are keyboard shortcuts to select Gender and Age in version 11. They are as follows:

Female: f
Male: m
Boy: b
Girl: g

I've added a suggestion to our database to have a setting to allow a default Gender/Age. The developers will take a look into the issue and see whether it's a feature they would like to add.