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Feature request - majelli - 02-27-2013

Hi folks,

thanks for your sometimes really useful posts.

My requests are:
Independent moveing for retina and pupil lines
More markers for more detailed lines
Independent moving for eye and brow lines

How long does it usually take from request to implementations.
Are there any implemented user requests?

I apologize for my bad english.Sad
I am a german native speaker.

Have a nice day


RE: Feature request - Arjun - 02-27-2013

Hello Majelli,

I'll be happy to pass on those requests to our developers and they will see whether the changes can be implemented. However, you'll be pleased to know that you can already move the pupils separately from the Iris in version 11. To do this, click on the pupil outline and slightly resize it, then click on the point in the middle of the pupil and this will let you move it without moving the Iris.

We hope this helps!