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"My face's so fat...." - williamting - 11-25-2012

Time and again, my female clients almost always complain of having "fat" face! All I could do previously was to ask the ladies to tilt the face, looking for the sweet spot, etc in order to make the face look "slim". With V11, I must thanks the developers of PP first for making life easier now!

In V11, select "View Before and After" . Move the mouse over to "Before" window. To adjust the face to make it looks slim, click and pull the appropriate adjustment points (you must know which part of the face outline to adjust) in the opposite direction, ie, to make it smaller, pull the point out, etc. You will be able to see the changes interactively.

Ok, go and experiment with it. I will not elaborate more. I can tell you that with this single new feature, I have enough justification to upgrade.