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Integrate with photoshop - movieviet - 11-19-2012

I just bought V11 last night, i can't figure out where the portrait professional in Photoshop. Can u show me how to integrate with photoshop thank you so much.

RE: Integrate with photoshop - williamting - 11-20-2012

You access it via Filter - at the bottom of the list called Anthropics, that is if they didn't change it in V11.

RE: Integrate with photoshop - movieviet - 11-20-2012

Thanks. I think it is version 10, i cant see it on v11. I need support please.

RE: Integrate with photoshop - Arjun - 11-20-2012

Hi moveiviet,

Both Portrait Professional Studio 10 and 11 support use as a photoshop plugin. However, this is only supported in the Studio edition and above. So if you have the standard version you will not be able to use the plugin.

Please let me know if you have the Standard Edition or the Studio and I'll see what I can do to help.


RE: Integrate with photoshop - movieviet - 11-20-2012

Yeah bought standard one and i thought it could use with photoshop, my email is movieviet@yahoo.com. Thanks for your replying.

RE: Integrate with photoshop - movieviet - 11-20-2012

It's ok i just check the editions again i found out only studio one has plug in for adobe photoshop. Thanks anyways.

RE: Integrate with photoshop - craftyjunk - 12-11-2012

how do I put my portrait professional vrs 11 on my photoshop cs6? smhd
as a plugin?

how do I find out what I got STANDARD OR STUDIO???

RE: Integrate with photoshop - tebogan - 12-11-2012

When you start the program, you will see a banner that states the version you are running.