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Horrible Skin from the Retouch Brush - Eyelene - 10-01-2012

I started retouching an images that needs a lot of work.
I used the retouch brush and and now her skin looks terrible!
Look at the line across her neck and the dark patches everywhere.
Can anyone tell me why this happened?
I wasted so much time Sad

RE: Horrible Skin from the Retouch Brush - Arjun - 10-01-2012

Hi Eyelene,

We're sorry that this is affecting your use of Portrait Professional and appreciate you reporting this to us, I'm looking into the problem now and attempting to reproduce the issue. Would it be possible for you to send the original image to us at support1234@anthropics.com and mark it for Arjun. This will help us speedily recreate the problem on our end and create a fix for it.

The strange purple effect seems to be from a hair or skin mask that has over-extended itself. You can edit this by going to Hair or Skin Controls and selecting View/Edit Skin Mask or View/Edit hair mask. You'll see the areas that Portrait Professional has set as the hair or skin area and one of these will be incorrect and causing the purple area. You can use the cut back brush to erase this and the purple effect will be removed.