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Minor tweak - right-click - imcfoto - 09-06-2012

This may seem a very minor gripe but also easily fixed I would think.

When defining skin areas (or hair area) it's easy to overdo and then you have to switch from 'extend' to 'reduce' to undo the mistake. Wouldn't it be easy to have the right-click on the mouse to the reversal (i.e. the opposite to whatever you were doing)? That way you wouldn't have to leave your place on the portrait to select the opposite action etc. I can imagine switching between left click to extend and right click to reduce would be very intuitive to most people.

RE: Minor tweak - right-click - imcfoto - 09-07-2012

Oh duh. I just found out that holding SHIFT key toggles to between EXTEND and CUT BACK - never mind!