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PP License control sucks - pszilard - 06-30-2012

First, let me say that I really love PP and have been a happy user for the last three version. However that was under Windows and one PC.

I have now bought a MacBook Pro (MBP) and an iMac. Main reason is business continuity - I have also bought a 4TB LaCie Thunderbolt connected drive enclosure. I have placed my Mac OS X Lion environment on the LaCie and boot the iMac externally off this. If I am away from home, or should the iMac get sick, I can take the LaCie and have the MBP boot from it. This way I am protected to a large degree from h/w failures. My entire operating environment can be run on any current Mac plaform (as long as it has Thunderbolt connection). All my programs and data work - EXCEPT PP!

PP thinks that if I run on another cpu I must be breaking the license, and has to be re-activated. This is NOT TRUE (I was going to use another word here). I am the same ONE person, trying to run the same one installed program, off the same one hard drive. Lightroom is happy with this, so is Microsoft Office for Mac. Why is PP not happy???

This is SO FRUSTRATING! Come ON guys! If you want to play with professional users, don't make our lives a misery with this crazy license system! Take note from the big boys, such as Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

This is driving me nuts!

RE: PP License control sucks - Natashao - 07-08-2012

Ah! I think I may have run into the same issue, I upgraded from version 8 to 10 and installed it on two machines (one in my photo studio and another in my home office). After the installation on the second, I encountered on my first, that I must activate and when I put in the activate token, it says "sorry this has already been used". Problem with this is that there are in two different locations and it is ridiculous if I find out that I must purchase 2 licenses to use this on 2 machines although I am the same person and the purpose is the same.

I opened a support ticket, hopefully I get some resolve to this very soon. Will update their response.

For the record, version 8 was installed on both machines for years and I didn't have an issue so this must be new.

RE: PP License control sucks - Natashao - 07-10-2012

I received a response from the team. After explaining that the program is installed in 2 locations but used for the same purpose, they ensure that the activation would be working as planned. They actually never mentioned anything about not following the license rule so I think it was just an activation error. Hope this helps!

Thanks PP for resolving so quickly

RE: PP License control sucks - williamting - 07-12-2012

PP license is actually for one machine but if we write in and explain that it is for two machines but same person, the support will normally give an extra activation. I have been doing this for quite some time and I am very grateful for their help.
My suggestion is to just write in to support for help. They are a bunch of good guys/gals!