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General UI clutter - a suggestion - bmilner - 12-22-2008

I just upgraded from version 6.5 to version 8.1 Great job on the new features (especially Iris Brighten which uniformly seems to make everyone's eyes look special)  BUT... in adding all this stuff you really cluttered up the UI. Let me be specific:

Too hard to see section headings: The buttons to collpase each section (example "face sculpting") look too much like all the other buttons that expand (example: Eye sharpen expanding into the sliders for different parts of the eye).  I would *really* like to see the major sections set off with a clear thick bar, or COLOR.

See my attached screenshot of the general idea. Mind you I did this in 2 minutes and it looks super sloppy. But you could expand on it.
You removed the "more" or "less" sliders: I rather liked these. For when I was being lazy I could just drag the overall lighting correction to have more or less. Now you only have more/less for face scuplting. I would love to see it for the other sections.

RE: General UI clutter - a suggestion - admin - 12-22-2008

Thanks for your suggestions, and also your comment in the other thread about teeth whitening. I've put them all in the suggestions database for the next release.