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group picture - mshabeeb - 12-01-2008

Hi photographers,
I am new user for portrait professional and need to know how I could retouch group picture .

If you have an Idea please let me know.
Thanks every one.
Mohamed shabeeb

RE: group picture - admin - 12-02-2008

In version 8, click on the back button to get the drop down menu, then select "Another Face in this Picture".


RE: group picture - macs mom - 02-11-2009

Even in the earlier version, I had that option.

RE: group picture - romme - 04-24-2009

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RE: group picture - macs mom - 04-25-2009

Well, that certainly answered his question....

RE: group picture - rick - 04-27-2009

What the heck does that long winded answer have to do with the original question?