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A touch up brush for teeth - BCook - 12-18-2011

If it had a brush for teeth like the skin brush.
zoom into the teeth, touch up the teeth only
without changing the gum color.
Even if the current brush could be used but
instead of skin color a whitening color.
It seems that could be an easy add-on.
Add a button next to the touch up brush for teeth.
When active the brush would only be shades of white.
Not saying get rid if the teeth controls, just an add-on

RE: A touch up brush for teeth - MiissLouWise - 02-14-2012

That would be a great button !
in that line of teeth, why are the teeth always marked with black little line ? is it because the control of lips is not fixed at the right place ? I try to put the blue line inside of the lips is it the right place to put it ? or around the leips ?

RE: A touch up brush for teeth - BrianR1960 - 03-18-2012

YES; I think this is a MUST HAVE on the next version.