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New kid on the block - Salisbury - 12-17-2011

There's a new kid on the block which does a pretty fair job of doing what PP does. Arcsoft Perfect365. The only problem is that it won't work unless the user's online. That's how PP started off years ago !

RE: New kid on the block - tebogan - 12-17-2011

With the new upgrade policy that Adobe has come up with, it could be the same way if you are a monthly subscription used.
When PS CS6 appears, you have to be at CS5 to upgrade.


RE: New kid on the block - Slynky - 12-23-2011

What does that mean? Forget the days of jumping a release and THEN upgrading?

RE: New kid on the block - BCook - 01-04-2012

I tried Perfect365 for a week or so
I was not online to use it
It does not have a touchup brush
you can do makeup, but skin touchup
is only what it gives you
It said $29.95 to buy

RE: New kid on the block - williamting - 02-27-2012

Sometimes client ask me to add eye lashes etc and I use Perfect365 to finish off the job.

PP is doing very well for what it is intended for. If it can add some of the functionalities of Perfect365, it would be wonderful!