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Minimize Button - TwayneImages - 12-03-2011

I sometimes go back and forth using more than one program and you have to close PP in order to do this.
A minimize button would keep you from having to close it everytime you want to go to another window.

RE: Minimize Button - MusicLaw - 12-04-2011

Have you tried using Alt-Tab?

RE: Minimize Button - MiissLouWise - 02-14-2012


Alt+tab works very well ! why dont you say it to the public in a text or video which would help every one ?

RE: Minimize Button - williamting - 02-15-2012

It is because ALT-TAB is a MS Windows feature.

RE: Minimize Button - Arjun - 02-15-2012

I believe the Mac equivalent is CMD+Tab to quickly switch between active applications.