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Canon RAW issue - Brendan - 09-22-2008

Hi all,

after downloading the trial I bought the Studio version within 10 mins.

The main reasons were colour management, 16 bit and mainly RAW import.

When I import the RAW files from my 40D, there seems to be no contrast in the images and seem under exposed.

My RAW images (or otherwise) seem to be missing a colour profile while working, but are fine when opened in PS again.

Any ideas?



RE: Canon RAW issue - admin - 09-24-2008

Have you tried changing the color management settings? They are in the file menu.


RE: Canon RAW issue - szazzaro - 05-21-2011

I am having the same problem.........\\


images were previosly edited by DPP (canon)
this has a normal exposure in photoshop & windows

I will see 1.5-2 stops underexposed, and changing in dpp makes no difference, dpp shows brighter but still underexposed in raw.

Give me a Hint on how to set color Mgt