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Eyelids sub-Control Group - MusicLaw - 11-06-2011

I may be so new to PP Studio that I'm missing something obvious.

There seems to be no easy method to affect changes to the Eyelids.

I have explored adjusting the active skin area with the brush, but it doesn't achieve the effects I'm seeking for older women.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

A sub Control Group for the Eyelids region would be what I'm suggesting.
As a follow-up to my originating post in this thread, I am also discovering that achieving desired results in the under-eye (baggy eyes) region is a challenge.

It would seem that a sub-Control Group for the under eyes region may be very useful. As with the eyelid areas, I tried using the Extend brush feature to increase the skin effects.

If there is an existing method, please share the knowledge. Otherwise, this may be a good candidate area for a new feature.

RE: Eyelids sub-Control Group - MusicLaw - 11-06-2011

The Touch Up Brush (from the top center of the main screen once the facial frameworking is completed) does a very good job of applying the skin corrective automatic features to the eyelids and under eye areas!