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Selective Effects Toggle - MusicLaw - 11-06-2011

Just began with PP Studio Trial after running into some limitations with the Basic Trail version. So far it is outstanding!! I will be purchasing the Studio version.

I shoot everything in RAW and process using Canon Digital Photo Pro (DPP). Typically the workflow is the image's exposure, white balance, contrast, saturation, sharpening, and the like, are handled first.

When I explored using PP Studio to process the RAW files for image exposure, saturation, etc. the Effects Toggle [Enter] Button proved to be very useful to see the effect of these adjustments.

Once these adjustments were complete, for the rest of the PP editing session, every time the Toggle feature was used, the Picture Controls also reflected their before and after affect.

There should be some method (i.e. a new "Persist" Feature) for each Controls Group to allow preventing the Toggle Feature from disabling any of the Controls for any desired Controls Group!

This should expedite the processing of any system rendering effects every time the Toggle is triggered, making everything appear more responsive.

In my view, PP's best capabilities are when they are subtly applied. Having the ability to selectively lock down one or several Control Groups' changes would make it easier to see the cumulative addition or subtraction of the next Control Groups effects. The Control Groups which are locked down would remain unchanged with their effects visible during the Toggle feature's switching. With the Persist switch disabled, all would be as we have it in the current version.

Perhaps offering a Settings Preference for RAW images enabling the Picture Controls to be presented before the gender and wire frame sequences may be something to consider.

Keep up the fantastic work and I look forward to the next version.