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Version 10.6 release notes? - MacSass - 10-20-2011


nice to see there was an update to PP - but hope you don´t mind my usual question:
Could you please post the release notes for the new update to version 10.6, so I can decide if it worth to update?

Thanks in advance - MacSass

RE: Version 10.6 release notes? - Skids - 10-22-2011

Every time, this question has to be asked.

All other software developers announce their chances why cant Portrait Professional without having to be prompted.

Its ridiculous!

Hopefully its better skin detection because its still below par. I am editing images at the moment and having to paint the skin areas in even though they are perfectly good pictures with correctly coloured skin.

RE: Version 10.6 release notes? - metaldav2005 - 10-23-2011

I agree MacSass, I would love to hear from the freakin' developers on what changed!!!!

RE: Version 10.6 release notes? - Arjun - 10-24-2011

Hello everyone,

There's no release notes for this build, as we've simply added some languages to the program. Unfortunately our build procedure demands that we create a new version release for this. Rest assured we're working very hard on adding new features to Portrait Professional, sadly none of which I'm at liberty to divulge at this moment.

As the demand for release notes is obvious, we'll start creating and releasing the notable changes and updates so that you can see what we've improved and added to Portrait Professional. They'll be posted on the forum upon each new release of Portrait Professional.

RE: Version 10.6 release notes? - MacSass - 10-24-2011


nice to see more features and release notes coming in the future ...

If I have to decide between new features and having release notes: Go for the features :-)

Having them on the forum here is good enough - although I would put them on the webpage called up when you do the update check from within the software - but that´s just a proposal.

Anyway: Great support and looking forward to the next release ..

Regards - MacSass

RE: Version 10.6 release notes? - Skids - 10-25-2011

I agree that when an update is available it should show the changes however minor. In this case just put language updates. Simple, then everyone knows.

All other developers do this look on Apples App store for good examples