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Full body and function questions. - derfall - 09-04-2007

Great product. I've had fun with pix of my co-workers.
Someone sent me her body photo in two-piece bathing suit.
I'm away from my home computer, so this is from memory...
You can't select "full body" before creating the facial points?
It seems like you still have to "paint" the body with the Enhance function, even after selecting "full body".

I had trouble getting rid of some body lines/scars the the touch up brush. It would work if I could sample lighter skin nearby and paint over the darker scar. Any plans for a sampling tool?

I'm not sure what the opacity control does. I'll try it again later.

I didn't realize that there was a control for spot removal levels until seeing the video. I'll try it later.

There should be written instructions for someone who has never retouched a photo. I have limited experience in an old version of Photoshop, but think of someone completely new. How about a PDF instruction manual?


RE: Full body and function questions. - admin - 09-04-2007

Ok, I'll answer your questions one at a time!

You select fully body after creating the facial points. It basically re-does the skin selection to cover the full body. It looks for pink connected areas underneath the head in the photo, and as with all AI techonologies wont work in all situations, so sometimes you will need to use the touchup brush instead. If they are lying down for instance, the body wont be underneath so it will fail.

There are no immediate plans for a sampling tool, but the current touchup brush should be able to remove lines and scars. A limitation of the touchup brush is it only works in areas that have already been added to the skin selection, so you might have to check that.

The opacity control affects the opacity of the brush selected. A low opacity will require several strokes to achieve the same affect as a high opacity.

The manual (which is only just finished) can be found here:


RE: Full body and function questions. - derfall - 09-05-2007

Thanks Tony,

I'll work with it some more.

The manual is excellent and should be available on the home page.