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Version 6 - FredSpencer - 07-23-2007


Read the announcement for version 6 and checked for updates but only found version 5.2. Am I doing something wrong?

RE: Version 6 - admin - 07-24-2007

Oops, I was a little premature. Version 6.0 is available to new users. the upgrade for old users will be available very soon!


RE: Version 6 - admin - 07-26-2007

Users of the English version can now upgrade to the latest version by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu.

RE: Version 6 - FredSpencer - 07-26-2007

Are there any changes other than not having to go through your server? I seem to remember you were not going to do this unless you were discontinuing the product. Is this the case?

RE: Version 6 - admin - 07-27-2007

Hi Fred,

Have no fear, we have no intention of discontinuing the product! We have released version 6 as standalone due to large customer demand for a standalone version. Having the software run standalone is the only substantive change to the product.


RE: Version 6 - wingnut1 - 07-27-2007

Version 6 works as well as before. Well done Tony.