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How can I ..... - ScrappinMum - 07-06-2011

Hi there Smile Im new to this forum, and new to Portrait professional.. I LOVE it so far, but am not overly good with computers, and am very glad I found this forum.....

I have been trying to save my edited portrait back into my 'Photoshop' organiser, but so far cant do it ?? Im sure its very easy, but LOL, Im struggling. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

RE: How can I ..... - yklee - 07-06-2011

if u have the studio version,it will appear under the photoshop filter tab. then when u go to file>save and exit,the edited pic will be open in photoshop.
for the non studio version,my guess wud be...file>save(in whatever format u choose) into a folder and reopen it later in photoshop.

RE: How can I ..... - Roscoe - 07-07-2011

"file>save(in whatever format u choose) "

Not "whatever" format you choose.  In the Standard version files can only be saved as JPEG or TIFF.  No BMP, GIF, PNG etc.

[Image: JPEGORTIFF.jpg]

RE: How can I ..... - yklee - 07-07-2011

sorry,Roscoe,as my post was not clear. thanks for the clarification.