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Eyeglass reflections - MrsHB - 06-17-2011

I love Portrait Professional makes editing a breeze. I used to do everything step by step in PS which takes me days to finish if I have a lot of portraits to edit. My request would be one that deals with the removal of eyeglass reflections if it can be done with eyes shouldn't it also be able to do it with eyeglasses. This is my feature request as someone already mentioned in a previous thread about double chins & turkey necks.

RE: Eyeglass reflections - Kat999 - 06-17-2011

Problem with some reflections on the glass is that a good deal of the eye information is completely missing...it would require the software to practically rebuild an eye from scratch...and how would it know what the subjects eyes look like? If taking snap shots or portraits of people...take one shot with their glasses on, and one in the same position with them off...then you can borrow the eyes of the one off and replace within the glasses frame on the other. Now you could probably invent a tool that would allow you to select an area containing a light bling on metallic frames that would borrow the good pixels around the bling to fill in the same over the white area....what I do currently is use the pixel push tool to fill in frames over the too bright areas caused by a flash.

RE: Eyeglass reflections - harshit - 07-16-2011

Anti-reflective coating (also called AR coating or anti-glare coating) improves
both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your glasses.